Best Andalusian food, Spain
Feature image Tartar de atun Explore la Tierra Vejer de la Frontera

10 Best Andalusian food you have to try While on holiday in Spain, you have to try the food in Andalusia! With its stunning beaches, perfect climate and rich culture, Andalusia, is one of the best places to visit! Below you will find my list with the best Andalusian food. Spain is one of the […]

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Visiting the Almadraba blefin Tuna festival 2023 in Cadiz province

 Almadraba bluefin tuna Festival throughout Cadiz  The gastronomical Almadraba bluefin tuna festival in Cadiz is a unique experience. They take place between May and June of each year. If you’re in one of the coastal villages of Cadiz province, you will see the excitement first-hand. But many people may ask – why is tuna so […]

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Pairing Sherry wine with Food!
Feature image Bluefin tuna for tapas tour in Cadiz city

How to pair wine with each food category? Pairing sherry wine with food is easier than people believe. The first thing you have to learn is a saying used in Spain, “If it swims use Fino/Manzanilla, if it flies Amontillado, and if it runs Oloroso.” By knowing this we can make a big assumption to […]

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Introducing one of the most versatile wines in the world, Sherry wine!
An Introduction to Sherry, A Versatile Wine in the Solera System

What is Sherry wine and how is Spanish sherry made? Sherry wine is a Spanish traditional fortified wine aged in a solera system (explained below). It is famous worldwide, thanks to the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, who attracted English merchants and encouraged foreign trade since the 15th Century. Spanish sherry is one of the most […]

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