What should you expect in this Iberian ham daytour?

This acorn-fed Iberian ham Tour is a private full day or half day food tour experience, depending on what you want.  It is an incredible food tour for foodies where you enjoy the whole process from the farm to the table. We can arrange the tour from Cadiz province or Seville. However, please take into account that this food tour will be happening in the "Sierra de Aracena", Huelva at 9:00-10:00am(depending on the season).

The price will depend on what you want, we can arrange everything for you, private transportation and an accompanying guide. On the other hand we can just arrange the Iberian ham food tour and give you all the details. Tell us what you need and we will provide it for you.

You will enjoy this foodie tour visiting the Mediterranean forest and the museum, Learn the traditional methods to cure Spanish meat products and then the current curing process. At the end we will have an extensive tasting of a wide variety of spanish cured meats.

I recommend also going to the local caves to take in the beauty and the size of it, a total of 2130 subterranean meters divided in three levels. You will visit 2 levels in a circular route of around 1km.

What does the Iberian ham food tour consist of:

The visit to the Mediterranean forest and the Iberian pig farm in this food tour includes a walk where you will learn about the culinary and traditional uses of some of the local plants and trees. We will see the pigs feeding and learn about the different breeds. We will be able to see traditional "huts" that the farmers used to use, learn about local culture and traditions. Our guide will explain the different D.O., colour labels, the Difference between acorn-fed Iberian ham and cebo Iberian ham.

Next, we will head to the museum of traditions. You will see how chorizos and other Spanish meats were cured traditionally, and what spices we use to cure meats. Afterwards head to the main building to see how we cure Iberian hams and other meat products. In the final place you will learn how to differentiate the different qualities of Iberian ham.

Finally in this Iberian ham food tour we will then enjoy an extensive tasting of different acorn-fed Iberian meat products. Some of the cured meats are different chorizos, cured Iberian loin, red label Iberian ham, all paired with local wine. In case you are still hungry after such a feast, you can buy a plate with different types of grilled meats, homemadechips, fresh egg and grilled green peppers for only 11€ etra pp.

If you are interested to visit the caves I can send you the link where you can book your tour. If you have further questions or want to book this tour, send us an email to  info@explorelatierra.com .

Important Info

When: Monday to Saturday, Leaving from Seville or Cadiz. Tour in "Aracena" starts at 9-10:00am

Meeting Point: Pick up from your hotel or you can drive by yourself (reducing the cost)

Price: 40€pp (changes depending on the size of the group, minimum 2pax), 30€ extra for English guide. Transportation from and to Seville 400€ extra

Group Size: 1-25 people or offered as a private tour

Language: Tours are offered in Spanish or English

You choose what to include: Private transport wit driver, accompanying guide, local guide, cured meat and local wine tastings, visit to Mediterranean forest, visit to curing meat factory, and visit to local caves.

What is Iberian ham?

It comes from the Iberian pig, a rare endemic breed of Portugal and Spain, which originated from the Mediterranean wild boar. They can be either acorn fed in the wild or grain fed. Most Iberian pigs are easy to recognize, they have black hoofs, are smaller, darker colour, and slender legs. However, some Iberian pigs are not black, while other non-Iberian breeds, like the Mangalica pig, may have black hoofs.

Iberian ham has to come from a pig which has at least 50% DNA of Iberian pigs. One of the best ways to differentiate it is when you cut the ham, the meat intermingles with the fat. This makes Iberian pork a type of red meat, and it creates the glossy marbling fat from the Iberian ham. Other breeds that you can find in Spain are Duroc, Pietrain, and Landrace. These are used to make Serrano ham but not Iberian ham.

Protected Denominations of Origins (D.O.)

There are 4 D.O. Iberian ham here in Spain. What this means is that there are only 4 regions in Spain where Iberian ham can be dried, each providing a different unique taste. Huelva region has two D.O. areas. The pigs can be grown in other areas as long as they are brought to these 4 areas to be cured to receive the D.O. For example, this happens with lots of pigs from Extremadura, which are taken to Salamanca or Córdoba. Or pigs from Cádiz are taken to Huelva.

Jabugo ham provides the most intense flavour and longest-lasting aftertaste of all. Guijuelo ham, on the other hand, usually has the most delicate flavour, while ham from Extremadura and Los Pedroches are of intermediate strength. This does not mean that one is better than the others, it will depend on the taste of the person.

Do you want to learn more? join us in this amazing Iberian ham tour which will immerse you fully in the Iberian ham world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for walking in and bring a hat, sunglasses and suncream for the afternoon tour, as we will be outside enjoying the sunshine for part of the time!
Don’t forget to bring along your camera to show everyone back home all the best moments from your tour!
What language is the tour in?
The tour is offered in both English and Spanish, which your guide which will be fluent in, if you do not want an accompanying guide the tour will cost 30€ more for the group to do it in English.
Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Our usual tour route is not wheelchair accessible unfortunately. However, contact us in advance and we will try to contact our partners to make the tour accessible! We can drive you straight to were the pigs are and visit the ham cellar through the elevator
Can older people keep up with the group?
Absolutely! We walk at a relaxing pace and stop frequently so it is enjoyable for everyone!
Can children join the tour?
Yes, of course. While they can’t join in the wine tasting they can enjoy sampling the numerous cured meat products.
Are there any additional costs?
Only those services that you choose will be included in the price.

What happens in the event of rain?

Luckily, we are in an incredibly sunny region where rainy days are infrequent (July averages only 1mm of rain in the whole month!). However, if there is heavy rain on the day your tour is scheduled, we will avoid the visit to the pig farm, do the tastings inside and visit the museum and factory, and give you back the cost difference. We will contact you in the event your tour will be changed.

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