What should you expect of this Hiking tour with views in Cadiz?

Welcome to Cadiz in Costa de la Luz, Andalusia. Join me in this hiking and photography tour in Cadiz, that consists of a 3 hour hike in the magical El Estrecho natural park.

Cadiz province is one of the most biodiverse provinces in mainland Spain. It may be because we are at the southernmost point of western Europe, only 14km from Africa. Habitats range from dense forest reminiscent of cloud forest to Mediterranean forest, dune systems, and more. Moreover, Cadiz has over a third of its surface protected, while its climate/sunlight hours are similar to Canary Islands. El Estrecho Natural Park protects the most southern shore of continental Europe. El Estrecho Natural park has incredible views of the Strait of Gibraltar, different white towns in Cadiz and magical landscapes. This makes it idoneal for photographers.

In this photography hiking tour we do a 3 hour hike with medium-high difficulty. During this hike we will visit 3 viewpoints which are perfect for photographers or instagrammers in Cadiz. As well, we will learn about the culinary, medicinal and traditional use of Mediterranean plants while taking in incredible views from viewpoint to viewpoint. This tour can be great for birding as we will be hiking in a protected area and there are some great bird-watching points where we overlook different species.

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What does this photography tour in Cadiz consist of?

In this tour you can decide to either drive by yourselves or I can pick you up and drive you for an extra cost. If there is no space in my vehicle I can book a taxi for your group.

Who will guide you in this guided hike in Cadiz province?

Your guide will be me, Carlos, a professional hiking or bilingual guide. I worked in the environmental and conservation field in Canada, UK and Spain for 5 years. I will be sharing my environmental knowledge of the local fauna and flora.

Foto de Carlos hiking tour guide

What is included in this hiking and photography tour in Cadiz?

  • 1 knowledgable environmental guide.
  • Permits to access protected habitats in a tour
  • Pick-up and return back home at the end of the day (OPTIONAL).
  • 3-4 hour hike to see pristine habitats in El Estrecho natural park
  • Liability and accident insurance

Important info

When: Tours are offered on Monday and Saturday leaving at 09:00am from Vejer de la Frontera. We will meet at 10:00am at the hiking starting point

Meeting Point: Your hotel in Vejer de la Frontera

Price: €230 for the whole group. No extra cost for pick up from hotel in Vejer up to 4pax

Group Size: 1-17 people

Language: Tours are offered in English and Spanish

Inclusions: A knowledgeable environmental guide and insurances.

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring for the tour?

Make sure you follow the recommendations for each hike. Bring a hat, sunglasses, head torch, sun cream, and 2- 3 litres of water.
Also don’t forget to bring along your camera for this hiking and photography tour in Cadiz!

How difficult is the hike?

As it is a photography tour we will go slow, adapting to your rhythm. However, there is a around 300m of climb and 5 metres where we have to climb several rocks to reach the top.

What happens in the event of rain?

Luckily, we are in an incredibly sunny region where rainy days are infrequent for much of the year (July averages only 1mm of rain in the whole month!). However, if the tour is cancelled due to weather conditions, like strong levante winds or heavy rainfall, we will offer it another day or instead give you a full refund.

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