What should you expect in this Private Sherry wine tasting?

Do you have a group of friends and/or family, and want to do a private Sherry or wine tasting from Cadiz or Seville? Learn about Sherry or Andalusian wine privately in a relaxed and fun way? Then keep reading because this is your tour! We are based in Vejer de la Frontera, but we can move to other places within Cadiz province.

This tour consists of a private Sherry or wine tasting with local Andalusian wines. We will join you at your house, apartment or rental place and it will last around 2:00h-3:00h tasting 5 different Sherry wines / Andalusian wines, depending on the amount of people and if you have chosen to pair the Sherry wines or Andalusian wines with tapas.

The tour takes place in a private setting, where you can experience the tour in a personal way. If you are interested, but you do not want to do it at home, we can offer it in a restaurant in Vejer de la Frontera.  We try to limit the group size to 12, but please contact us if your group is bigger. We do these tastings in Vejer de la Frontera, but we are happy to come to your location in Cadiz province for the cost of mileage.

Private Andalusian wine / sherry tasting in Cadiz or Seville

My name is Carlos, I am wine-certified (Distinction in WSET Level2) and am excited to show you all about Sherry wine in Cadiz province or Sevilla. I will go to your place and bring most of the things we will need with me. The tasting it will depend on your tastes, from Premium Sherry tasting up to Premium and VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) tasting. If Spanish Sherry isn't your style, we also offer an Andalusian wine tasting of a variety of fantastic local wines.

Many people think that sherry wine is just a sweet drink but there are many more varieties to learn about. You will learn the process of how to produce Spanish Sherry, biological and oxidative ageing, all the different types of Spanish Sherry, where Sherry comes from, how to do a wine tasting, and about wine and food pairing. If you want to add tapas that pair with each sherry we can also provide some delicious food pairings.

Andalusian wine / sherry tasting at a local restaurant in Vejer de la Frontera

If you are not renting a place but staying in a hotel, and we can't do the private wine tasting at your own place, do not worry, there is still a possibility. I have an arrangement with a local restaurant where we can do the tasting in their terrace, overseeing Vejer. This restaurant has an incredible variety of Andalusian wines and sherries and delicious Andalusian food. It will also allow us to provide warm tapas prepared by them paired with each wine.

What is included?

This Sherry wine tasting in Vejer de la Frontera includes 5 Sherry wines or Andalusian wines, a wine certified guide, glass rental and a personalized tasting mat. Contact us and learn more about it. The 5 Sherries will be coming from 2 out of the three places allowed to age Spanish Sherry by its D.O. (Designation of Origin). We are looking forward to share the wonders of Sherry and its great versatility with food and in cocktails. Alternatively you can choose 5 Andalusian wines instead, which have been selectively chosen to showcase the great underrated wines Andalusia has to offer.

There are three types of tastings that you can choose from:

1) Premium Sherry tasting in Vejer: ~6-25 years old (Most common option).
2) 1 Premium and 4 VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) Sherry tasting: ~11-50 year old.
3) Andalusian wine tasting

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Important info

When: Tours offered from Tuesday to Sunday at your chosen date and time. People normally book it for 12pm or 7pm.

Location: At your private home/rental or a restaurant in Vejer

Price: We charge per group. Price will depend on group size and type of tasting. The cost for a group of 8pax, 68€pp for premium sherry or andalusian wines with tapas

Group Size: 1-13 people in a private tour

Language: Offered in English or Spanish

Inclusions: 5 sherries or wine, a personalized tasting mat, glass rental, and a knowledgeable WSET Level 2 certified guide.

Frequently asked questions

What should I prepare?
We will only need a table and chairs for everyone. If you want tapas we will also need plates and cutlery. We recommend not to wear perfume as it can affect your ability to taste and smell Sherry. Don’t forget to have your camera ready to remember this moment with your friends and family!

What language is the tour in?

The tour is offered in both English and Spanish, which your guide which will be fluent in.

Is the tour possible for vegetarians or those with other dietary restrictions?

Most Sherries and wines are vegetarian. We will try to find out if in any wines in your chosen tour have used egg whites to fine the wine and provide an alternative wine. If you choose tapa pairings, vegetarian food can be provided.


Can children join the tour?

Legal drinking age is 18 years old in Spain. Children can join the group if you would like to, but they won't be able to taste Sherry or wine. 

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