What should you expect in this Virtual Sherry wine tour?

Have you ever wondered what the Spanish sherry wine bottle labels mean? Have you had a bottle of sherry wine and do not understand why some are pale colour and very dry, while others are dark, bold and very sweet? Then join me in this Virtual Sherry wine tour.

I will walk you through all the basics of sherry making. As well, we will discuss many of the different types of sherry and how each is different. The tour will be interactive and I will answer any questions you have, as well as learn how each type of Spanish sherry is made and be able to analyse the sherry wine that you have at your local store. We will learn why expert chefs and sommeliers around the world recommend sherry wine to pair with food, with its high versatility and one of the best values in the market. At the end of the tour you will receive an information package with a description of each sherry and how to pair with food written by the D.O.Sherry organisation.

My passion is to give sherry the opportunity to shine worldwide. Sherry wine is complex, has a unique wine-making style, versatility to pair with food, and amazing value. During this online wine tour you can learn about sherry from your own couch without having to come to Cadiz. Next time you go to the supermarket you will be able to choose a sherry for the occasion. I recommend joining the tour with a couple of bottles of sherry in hand. Sherry can last up to a month or two depending on the type of sherry opened.

Important info

When: Tours are offered on Friday at 19:30 (Madrid time), at 18:30 (London,UK time), or privately any day.

Meeting Point: We will be meeting in Google meet (look Frequently asked questions section at the bottom), I will be sending you the link and password code the day before.

Price: 9€ per person (min 2 pax), or for a private sherry tasting €73 for however many people want to join this virtual wine tour.

Group Size: 1-10 people, or a private tour up to 12

Language: Tours are offered in English or Spanish

Inclusions: A knowledgeable wine certified guide specialised in Sherry and an information package that I will send to you through email

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring for the tour?

I would recommend having a bottle of at least one sherry to taste during the tour and ideally a variety of types. If you want to try a few different ones I would recommend a Manzanilla/Fino (e.g. Tio Pepe), Amontillado/Oloroso and a Cream sherry. Or bring your favourite sherry and learn about why you prefer this sherry making method rather than the other types. Make sure to also have some glasses and a corkscrew ready to serve the wine!

You can also get some simple tapas to pair with the sherry. Iberian ham, prosciutto or simply olives pair well with a light sherry such as Fino. If you have a darker colour Sherry bring some nuts.

What happens if the internet does not work?

We would repeat the tour again to ensure that we will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing talk about Sherry.

I will be using Google meet, so I will be sending you the room code by email after booking this tour.

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