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If you have come to this blog to check on or buy natural cosmetics and supplements made with Mediterranean plants, it is because you have done one of my hiking routes in Cadiz and I have told you about this blog, or because you have found it online. No matter how, the important thing is that you enjoy reading about the medicinal and traditional uses of endemic Mediterranean plants and where to buy these personal care natural products online. You may even find some of these plants in your country.

As I do hiking trails in Cadiz, some guests have asked me where they can buy the plants that I recommend. In this blog I indicate some recommended products that you can find from some of the plants we see. I would appreciate if you plan to buy one of these cosmetics and natural supplements, that you buy them through the links to Amazon UK that I put. It won’t cost you more, but I will receive a small percentage of the purchase.

I hope this blog helps you find cosmetics made with natural plants. If you live in Spain and you want to buy some of these products, find the Spanish blog version here.

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In this blog I divide the natural Mediterranean plants depending on their use with a button to buy it if you are interested. For each Mediterranean plant I will talk about the main use it has and how it may be used for some different products (oil, pills, cream …) or with a different part of the plant (leaves, stem, root). The button is to buy natural cosmetics or natural supplements that will have specific benefits. Please read the uses of this specific product carefully before buying and consult with your doctor before taking.

Herbal supplements and medicinal plants to fight diseases

There are many Mediterranean plants that have been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Plants used as supplements or to control the insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. In this section I will talk about what natural supplements for health benefits we can find on Amazon.

Organic carob flour for dietetic purposes

The Carob tree produces elongated pods which is ground after drying. It is rich in proteins and fibre, and it helps with stomach acidity.

carob supplement natural product with fibre and protein diuretic

Great mullein natural plant for respiratory issues, digestion and skin

It has been widely suggested that compounds with Mullein Leaf extract contribute to the calming of irritations and inflammations of the skin, mouth, throat and digestive system. Therefore the oil made with great mullein is good to use after a burn in the skin. Meanwhile, the petals of its flowers are great for respiratory infections and diretic purposes.

Hawthorn natural product for the heart and blood pressure

Hawthorn is a natural shrub whose flower helps to control blood pressure. The natural product below is organic and has supplements as well for your body.

buy natural medicinal Hawthorn for the heart

Mastic natural shrub for mouth and digestion problems

Throughout the Mediterranean there are lots of mastic shrubs (Pistacia lentiscus). If you have acid reflux, the resin is used for curing wounds and gums, and cleaning the teeth. There are even some products made with it to help with diabetes. The next products are made in Greece, where they still produce gums made with the resin of this shrub since Ancient Greek civilization.

Chicory natural plant for digestion issues, increase immunity and urinary tract problems

Chicory is a super plant, and it is very rich in various nutrients like iron. This medicinal plant helps to control insulin, can help to reduce fever, it is diuretic and antinflamatory. Chicory root is also a great substitute for coffee.

Buy chicory Supplemenets and antioxidants personal care natural products made with plants

Olive tree leaf capsules for antioxidant

Hippocrates referenced the medicinal use of olive leaves and dates back to ancient Egypt. Modern medical texts mention these leaves as a powerful antioxidant that can help give support to the healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and joints. The oil is good for the skin and to lower cholesteral. A leaf infusion helps to reduce fever and it is diuretic as well.

Personal care natural product cosmetic with olive tree leaves

Sage, natural remedy for menopause

Sage is great for cooking and for digestive problems. However there are some products, like the following, that helps with the menopausal hot flashes and excessive sweating.

Personal care naturalfor menopause with sage leaves


Medicinal plants for natural care products

There are many Mediterranean plants that have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Some of these plants are used for the skin and hair. In this section I will talk about what medicinal plants for skin and hair we can find on Amazon.

Castor oil for skin, oil and prevent hair loss

The castor plant is a very toxic Mediterranean plant. However, in a very diluted solution there are many benefits to its use. It reduces hair and eyelash loss, and it’s great for the skin around the nails and skin in general. Castor oil can even stop congestion. However you must read the use for the specific product you are going to buy to know the use that it has.

castor oil natural care product

Oregano oil soap

Oregano is great for its aromatic smell for cooking and for skin oils. Furthermore, it is a great natural plant used for digestive problems or respiratory infections. Oregano is a great antifungal natural plant. If you look at the soap below, it is ideal for natural acne control as well as athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections and skin irritation.


Fat Burning Plant Cosmetics

In this section I will talk about the mediterranean plants used for dietetic and diuretic purposes. Natural plants that helps to clean your body on the inside and outside.  I will include those  products that you can find on Amazon.

100% natural fat burning natural plant product made with rosemary and juniper

Rosemary is great for food, high in iron, reduces cholesteral and it is good for skin and respiratory infections. On the other hand juniper, other than being necessary to make gin, it is great for skin, some are analgetic,  and it can help with muscle pain by drinking it in teas. The next product is an oil that helps to burn fat while taking care of your skin.

Other Mediterranean plants from the hikes with natural uses

There are many, many more plants that I talk about on my route that make great personal care natural products. However, it is very difficult to find the majority on Amazon and buy natural cosmetics. Most of the products that I find are not 100% natural or are plants that we cannot find in Andalusia. If you remember any plant that has interested you in the hiking trails, write to me and I will try to find it online.

Anyway, I found these oils on Amazon made with natural plants found in Europe. You may find some of the plants we talked about in the hikes like chicory, rock rose, clematis, wild oat, gorse and more in the link below.

Full day tours in Los Alcornocales natural park and Cadiz province

Thank you very much for reading this blog about personal care natural products made with everyday plants. If you are looking for hiking tours surrounded by nature in Cadiz province, then keep reading. I offer tours in the natural park of “Los Alcornocales”, “La Breña” and “El Estrecho”. I also focus on agrotourism and cultural tours including: Visits to the almadraba in a private boat; private sherry and Andalusian wine tastings; olive mill tours; Iberian ham tours; and white town tours in Cadiz province.

Guided hiking tours in Cadiz province

Cadiz province is one of the most biodiverse provinces in mainland Spain. Habitats range from dense forest reminiscent of cloud forest to Mediterranean forest, dune systems, and more. Moreover, you will take in views of magical landscapes in Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. Cadiz has over a third of its surface protected, while its climate and sunlight hours are similar to Canary Islands.

Join my new hiking tour in los alcornocales natural park, where we will head to the heart of the natural park, to places where you cannot access without the permit of landowners. These places are very pristine areas with beautiful landscapes and with possibility to see roe deer, wildcats, common genet, Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and more.

On the other hand in our guided nature tours you will discover more about coastal Cadiz and learn about why our gastronomy is so rich. It is related to our climate, our location, our history, and to the many culinary, medicinal and traditional use of Mediterranean plants found within Cadiz province. You will find many of these plants in your supermarket in lotions, herbal teas, and to flavour your food or even eat them as part of your main plate.

I will lead you in these hiking trails to get the most out of these hiking tours in Cadiz province. Furthermore, I will also explain the habitats that we find and some the landmarks of the hikes. I will help you identify Mediterranean plants and explain the traditional, culinary or medicinal use that it had in the region for centuries.

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