What should you expect in these private guided tours and experiences from Cadiz cruise port.

Are you cruising to Cadiz capital? In this page you will find several options to choose from if you want unique tours and experiences from Cadiz cruise port.

My name is Carlos and I will be your local guide. I worked in the environmental and conservation field in Canada, UK and Spain for 5 years. I offer hiking, culinary and cultural options, or a blend of these for the day you spend in Cadiz. Below you can read about some of my private tours from Cadiz port or you can contact me if you want something slightly different.

If you only want to know a bit about Cadiz and walk around Cadiz then please click here to see a walking itinerary of Cadiz city.

Hiking tour from Cadiz cruise port:

Hiking and photographer tour in El Estrecho natural park

Cadiz province is one of the most biodiverse provinces in mainland Spain. Habitats range from dense forest reminiscent of cloud forest to Mediterranean forest, dune systems, and more. Moreover, you will be seduced with views of magical landscapes in Cadiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. Cadiz has over a third of its surface protected, while its climate and sunlight hours are similar to Canary Islands.

Please contact us in advance to book these private guided hiking tours in El Estrecho natural park in Cadiz province to check on availability. Depending on the season some of the hikes are more recommended than others.

These hikes last from 1.5 - 4h depending on the guided hiking tour from Cadiz that you choose. Most of the hiking tours I offer include hikes that last 1.5 - 4h (5-12km). However, we can design longer or shorter hiking trails for those groups that are interested. See a few hiking options below.

Please be aware, the temperatures can be extreme during summer. I would recommend to take extra precautions during the summer months to avoid the heat and bring extra water. I also recommend we start early to avoid the worst of the heat.


Circular hike in El Estrecho natural park (Circular trail - Medium high difficulty)

In this 3-hour hike in El Estrecho natural park, we will hike to the top of the San Bartolome mountain. This hiking tour is for people who are used to hiking with irregular terrain. However, the views are worth it! As well, it is an excellent place for birding. Take in 360 degree views, from Tarifa, to Morocco (Africa), Bolonia (one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain), and Los Alcornocales Natural Park. The drive from Cadiz port is 1:15h. We will have lunch at a restaurant with beautiful views at the end of the hike.


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Duration: 7:00h / Hike Length: 6km / Uneveness: 400m / Habitats: Pine forest, Mediterranean forest, and Mediterranean shrubs/ Highlights: Viewpoints, and Roman-age quarry, and tradition of Bluefin Tuna almadraba of Tarifa. / Recommendations: Wear hiking boots that cover the ankles and bring lots of water. / Price: 353€ (Transportation+guide)+ lunch (your own choice around 25€pp), for up to 4pax (88€pp).

Linear hike in La Breña natural park (Linear trail - Easy difficulty)

In this 2-hour route hiking along the tallest cliffs in Andalusia in La Breña natural park. This hike is easy difficulty but you will walk a lot in sand. However, the views are worth it! On a clear day you have views of Africa as well as Cape Trafalgar and Barbate port town.  The drive from Cadiz port to La Breña natural park is also 1:15h.

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Duration: 6:00h / Length: 5km / Uneveness: 60metres / Habitats: Pine forest, cliffs, and Mediterranean shrubs/ Highlights: Viewpoints, cliffs, Cape Trafalgar and tradition of Bluefin Tuna almadraba of Cadiz. / Recommendations: Wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of water. / Price: 360€ (Transportation+guide)+ lunch (your own choice around 20€pp), for up to 4pax (90€pp).

If you are more interested in hiking in the largest cork oak forest in Spain and in a subtropical forest in the heart of Los Alcornocales natural park, click here. However, you will need at least 7hours to do this option. To get to the heart of the park from the port and do the hike is 6hours without lunch. You have to add 1:30h if you want to eat at a traditional Spanish lunch where Luisa cooks you traditional food over the fire in a rustic building.

Cultural and foodie experience from Cadiz cruise port:

Another great but different experience or tour from Cadiz cruise port is this option. You will start at 9:00am walking with Jesus, a great historical official local guide, who will show you all around privately for 2:30 hours. He will take you to some Phoenician and Roman ruins, to the old Moorish town, explain about the pirate attacks in the region and show you all the main landmarks. Cadiz is the oldest city in western Europe and it has a lot of history, and during the 18th century Cadiz was the second most important port in Spain as all the riches from South America arrived here.

After this tour I will be meeting you and Jesus, and we will focus on dry sherry tasting. Sherry has a bad reputation and people think that it is sweet, however originally it was only dry until the British and French arrived and started shipping it to the North. However, there are lots of varieties to learn about and try! Cadiz province and a village south of Seville are the only places in the world where sherry is made.

We will do a sherry and tapas tasting for around 3 hours where we will try different local products. If you are interested please click here to read more about this part of the tour.

Price for a private gastronomical and cultural tour in Cadiz: 380€+60€pp (for tapas and sherry)

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Tapas Tour Jerez casks palo cortao amontillado, oloroso crema

Are you more interested in hiking in the heart of Los Alcornocales natural park in a private tour? Book a private hiking tour in Los Alcornocales.

Important Info

When: Hiking tour available Tuesday to Sunday, the cultural and culinary tour from Wednesday-Sunday

Meeting Point: Pick up from the port gate or a nearby point at 9:00am

Price: Cost depends on the option you choose.

Group Size: 1-10 people offered only as a private tour

Language: Tours are offered in English or Spanish

Optional add ons: Private transport with driver instead of a 5seat car, or lunch at the end of the tour.

Frequently Asked Questions about these tours and experiences from Cadiz cruise terminal

What should I bring for this hiking tour?

Make sure you follow the recommendations for each tour. Also bring a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, and water.
Don’t forget to bring along your camera to show everyone back home all the best moments from your tour!

What language is the hike tour in?

The tour is offered in English or Spanish, which your guide which will be fluent in.

Can older people keep up with the group?

Absolutely, although each person is different! We can hike at a relaxing pace and stop frequently so it is enjoyable for everyone! As well, I can recommend a shorter hike with less slopes and easier terrain for those above 50-60 years old.

Can children join these tours Cadiz province?

Yes, of course. They will enjoy all the experiences offered here.

Are there any additional costs?

Only those services that you choose will be included in the price. If there is anything in particular you would like to add on, please let us know in advance.

What happens in the event of rain?

Luckily, we are in an incredibly sunny region where rainy days are infrequent for much of the year (July averages only 1mm of rain in the whole month!). However, if the tour is cancelled due to weather condition we will give you a full refund.

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Hiking and culinary tours in Cadiz

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