A Mild Coastal ClimateVejer de la frontera vistas tiempo al año

The climate in Vejer de la Frontera is considered a mild coastal climate. For the majority of people, this is considered to be the ideal temperature balance. The weather in Vejer is not too swelteringly hot in the summer and not freezing cold in the winter. This is one of many reasons I love living in Vejer!

Rainy Season

Vejer has seasonal precipitation variation. The rainy season is between November and March. Vejer receives 783mm of annual rainfall on average. But nearly 75% of this falls during the five months of rainy season.

However, don’t panic if you’re visiting during the “rainy season”! The majority of days are still clear and it is rare to have a day without any sun!

In fact, the rainy season in Vejer sounds lovely compared to London. Even the rainiest month in Vejer (December) only has an average of 7 rainy days. Whereas in London, the driest months of the year (June and August) have 13 rainy days!


Tiempo principio primavera vejer de la frontera

The Levante Winds

One weather feature that defines Vejer is the wind. This region of Cádiz is sometimes plagued by the Levante or Solano winds. Levante is the name for winds coming from the east in the Mediterranean sea. As the wind is funneled through the Strait of Gibraltar, it can create strong winds throughout the coastal villages of Cádiz.

These Levante winds can last days or even weeks. It is one of the reasons this region is so well known for surfing and kite boarding.

Traditionally, the Levante winds were harnessed to power the old windmills you can see in the village of Vejer. Now, modern windmills spot the landscape surrounding Vejer, creating about 80% of the electricity for the province.

Weather by Seasons

SpringVejer de la frontera primavera con flores

Summary: Unpredictable but mostly nice

Spring (March – May) can be a wonderful time to visit Vejer. The flowers are blooming, villages aren’t overcrowded and there are lots of festivals to see! The temperatures are generally moderate, warm enough to visit the beach but not too hot that you will overheat.

However, the weather is not always consistent. Days can range from chilly and rainy to hot, sunny and perfect for shorts and t-shirts! Pack a variety of clothing accordingly and you will be just fine.


Summary: Hot sunny days, perfect for the beach

Summer (June – August) is the high season and it is easy to see why. The weather is consistently hot, clear and perfect for hitting the beach. Unlike the spring, summer in Spain is quite dependable to enjoy perfect weather day after day.

Vejer de la Frontera foto buen tiempo verano-primavera

Most of Spain seems to agree that summer is the perfect weather in the south coast. Spaniards will escape the blistering heat of the central cities to cool off in the sea and coastal villages. You will find many people visiting Vejer in the summer when the temperatures are perfect. From Vejer it is just a 10 minute drive to the beach, the perfect village to base your holiday from.


Summary: Hot to start, cool to end

Autumn (September – November) is a great time to visit Vejer. In September and October, the temperatures are still hot and enjoyable. However the crowds have started to disappear, so you can enjoy the sun and heat at a more relaxing pace.

Vejer de la Frontera foto buen tiempo invierno

By November the temperatures are cooling again. Although you may not want to spend your entire day suntanning on the   beach, it can still be lovely mild temperatures. This time of year is ideal to visit to the famous white villages of Andalusia. In Vejer don’t forget to view the flowers blooming throughout the picturesque, narrow winding streets.


Summary: Rainy season

Winter (December – February) is the rainy season in Vejer. However that does not mean you cannot enjoy a wonderful visit! In fact, winter is the time many Spaniards prefer to visit Vejer.

The temperatures during winter are not as cold in the south of Spain and the crowds of tourists have dissipated. For this reason, you can wander the streets of Vejer with the locals and imagine the village as it would have been hundreds of years ago.

Monthly Weather in Vejer de la Frontera

January – Average temperature is 9º (minimum) to 15ºC (maximum) and 7 rainy days with 105mm precipitation.

February – Average temperature 10º to 15º and 6 rainy days with 105mm rain.

March –  Average temperature 11º to 17º and 5 rainy days with 116mm rain.

April –  Average temperature 13º to 19º and 5 rainy days with 60mm.

May –  Average temperature 15º to 21º and 3 rainy days with 36mm.

June –  Average temperature 18º to 24º and 1 rainy day with 11mm.

July –  Average temperature 20º to 27º and 0 rainy days with 1mm.

August –  Average temperature 21º to 27º and 0 rainy days with 3mm.

September –  Average temperature 19º to 25º and 2 rainy days with 20mm.

October –  Average temperature 16º to 22º and 5 rainy days with 77mm.

November –  Average temperature 12º to 18º and 6 rainy days with 115mm.

December –  Average temperature 10º to 16º and 7 rainy days with 135mm.


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