What to visit in Jerez de la Frontera

Are you searching what to visit or do in Jerez de la Frontera? Jerez is a wonderful place where you can enjoy several days exploring its monuments as well as its unique culture. Jerez is the capital of the D.O. Jerez-Sherry-Xeres. It is also one of the European cities with most tree cover as you will notice once you start walking along the streets of the city. Jerez is also one of the places where flamenco is thought to have originated.

Jerez was once the most important city in Cadiz, when the Phoenicians decided to move from Cadiz to Xeres (Jerez) due to the strong winds. Therefore it has lots of historic buildings and places to visit! The price of entrances to the buildings and timetables are in the links:

Alcázar of Jerez de la FronteraAlcazar de Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Explore la Tierra

First of all, we will start with this amazing fortress. It is a Moorish castle from the 11th-12th centuries, meaning that it is the oldest Almohad building in the Iberian peninsula. The Alcázar is a Bien de Interés Cultural designated site.

Points of interest are the Ciudad Gate, the mosque, the Villavicencio Palace (17th-18th century) as well as the gardens, the Campo Gate and the Arab baths and the Dark Chamber, located in the tower of the Palace in the fortress, which is the oldest monument in the city.

Cathedral of Jerez de la FronteraCathedral walking itinerary Jerez de la Frontera

The cathedral is a building with Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture from the 17th century. Similar to many churches and cathedrals of the time, it was constructed above the earlier great Mosque of Jerez. The inside is amazing, and the 2chapels within it are worth visiting, with Las Animas chapel from the 14th century. The bell tower, outside of the cathedral, was most probably built on top of the old minaret. Building on top of the old mosque was a normal thing to do during the reconquest.


Palacio Del Virrey Laserna / Palacio Domecq

There are many palaces in Jerez de la Frontera, but the palace of the Viceroy Laserna is worth a visit. It is from the 13th century and through the guided tours you can learn about the exciting history of General José de Laserna, Count of the Andes, hero of the War of Independence, last Viceroy of Peru and Spain in America. He lived in the palace during the 18th and early 19th century.

The palace Domecq is interesting as well, as the family were once an important Sherry Shipper family.

Los Claustros de Santo Domingo

It consists of many different buildings built at different times with different architecture. Visiting it is like travelling through time! Alfonso X gave to the “Dominicos” a Moorish army building to build their church, and this part is the oldest part.

Iglesia de San Miguel / San MarcosChurch of San miguel walking itinerary Jerez de la Frontera

Church of San Miguel is a World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful temple built during the 15th to the 18th centuries. The oldest of the Church’s facades is St Joseph facade, built in 1480 as a robust Baroque tower. The upper part supports a spire covered with tiles. In the choir the altarpiece is an extraordinary late Renaissance piece.

One of the first churches to be built was San Marcos. The church, built on top of an old mosque following the orders of King Alfonso X, is late Gothic (15 Century). Parts of the church also have a Baroque style from the 17th century and great part of the church reformed in the 18th century.

Museo Arqueológico Municipal de Jerez de la Frontera

If you want to visit a museum one of the most important museums in the city and in the province of Cadiz is the Jerez Archaeological Museum.  They display the items in nine rooms in cultural and chronological order from Paleolithic and Neolithic times.

Plaza de la AsunciónIglesia de Dionysio en la Plaza de Asunción

It is a mixture of Gothic and Mudéjar (Saint Dionysius church 15th century), Renaissance (the former town hall from 16th century), and 1950-ish architecture (the central sculpture).

If you want to learn and enjoy not only the monumental, but the cultural part of  Jerez, then we recommend several options. Enjoy a Tabancos tour; visit the Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre; enjoy a flamenco show (here is one of the places thought to have been originated); and of course visit any of the cellars!


Tabancos are the traditional bars in Jerez de la Frontera, they appeared in the 17th century. Before Sherry was bottled, cellars used to sell it to these tabancos in casks.

Would you like to learn more about Sherry and tabancos and immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions by doing a tabanco tour in Jerez de la Frontera? If you want to learn and experience it with the company of a local guide and turn your visit to Jerez into an exciting gastronomic adventure, book with us. Sherry love is very contagious, surely you will also become a Jerez lover! Or if you would like to learn all about Jerez-Sherry-Xeres D.O. and visit the bodegas, then join us for our Ultimate Sherry Tasting tour.

If you are thinking to travel to other parts of Cadiz, we are based in Vejer de la Frontera. Vejer is officially recognized as one of the most beautiful villages of Spain, you should come and meet us!

We do small Sherry & Tapas tour in Vejer where you will taste different types of Sherry and local food like bluefin tuna, bull meat, salmorejo, eggplant with honey and pinenuts, etc.

We also have a tour that focuses on Bluefin tuna. You will learn the history of Bluefin tuna in the area since Phoenician times; visit a local food market; and taste different parts of bluefin tuna in all ways, salt-dried, grilled, raw…

If you would like to visit other beautiful white villages like Vejer, we can do a tour from Vejer or Jerez de la Frontera to visit white villages in Cadiz province. Or you can choose to do a private tour that we can design especially for you and recommend places to visit based on your interests.

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