What should you expect in this olive oil tour in Cadiz province?

We can arrange the transportation for you from anywhere in Cadiz or Seville. If you have your own transport we can offer a guide to guide you through this White town and Olive oil tour in Cadiz province, or we can arrange for you just an olive oil tour from anywhere in Cadiz province in an olive oil mill.

White town of Cadiz province tour

If you want to enjoy one of the white towns of Cadiz, considered some of the most beautiful towns in Spain, then be fascinated by this private tour. The “De la Frontera” towns and villages are some of the most stunning and best preserved in Spain. We offer two alternatives depending where you are coming from Zahara de la Sierra or Vejer de la Frontera. Both, together with four more villages in Cadiz province, are officially recognised as one of the most beautiful towns and villages in Spain and it is easy to see why!

We will enjoy a walk in the town and enjoy walking through its narrow, winding streets and whitewashed facades, hike to its ancient Moorish castle. From either, Vejer and Zahara, you will appreciate some of the best unbelievable views of all Cadiz province. Enjoy the views of other white towns, the turquoise lake or the sea, the Natural parks and olive tree plantation or rice fields.

Olive oil tour in Cadiz

From the top of Vejer or Zahara we will head to the Olive oil mill, and enjoy an Olive oil tour in Cadiz province. Here we will learn about the different olive types, and which olives are endemic of Cadiz. We will learn how olives are collected and then how olive oil is produced. If you come in the harvest season (October-December) you may be able to see and even do the "vareo", hit the tree wit a stick, traditional way to collect the olives.

If we have chosen Zahara de la Sierra we will head to a terrace where we will savour olive oil. By then we  will start feeling hungry so we will eat in this olive mill where they will offer us traditional tasty food produced in this region throughout generations with wine and olive oil produced in these same lands. Finally we will head to a bar with outstanding views of Zahara de la Sierra and the lake and enjoy a coffee or a tea before we head back to the place of departure.

In contrast, if you have chosen Vejer de la Frontera we will also learn how organic wine is made. Here you will sample olive oil as well as some of their wines with local tapas. Their wines are found in the best fish and seafood restaurant in Spain in 2015. After relaxing for a bit we will end this private tour by taking you back to your hotel.

What is included in this white town and olive oil tour in Cadiz province?

In this tour we include a local bilingual guide to guide your through the village, an olive oil tour, lunch and a coffee. We can also offer transport for an extra cost.

Important info

When: Tours offered from Thursday to Sunday leaving at 10:00am.

Meeting Point: Pick up at your hotel in Vejer de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera or Cadiz city

Price: Depends on group size and where we will pick you up

Group Size: We try to focus on small groups but we adapt to you.

Language: Tours are offered in English or Spanish

Inclusions: A local guide who will accompany you through the whole tour, an olive oil tour and tasting, and a coffee at the end of the tour.

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to this white town and olive oil tour in Cadiz province?

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for walking in and bring a hat, sunglasses and suncream for the afternoon tour. We will be outside enjoying the sunshine for part of the time!

Don’t forget to bring along your camera to show everyone back home all the best moments from your tour!

What language is the tour in?

The tour is offered in both English or Spanish, which your guide which will be fluent in. You will choose the language.

Is the tour possible for vegetarians or those with other dietary restrictions?

Vegetarian alternatives can be provided during the tour. However please be aware you have to let us know in advance.

Unfortunately vegan alternatives are not possible in this olive oil tour in Cadiz. Please advise us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or speak to us if you have any concerns.

Can older people keep up with the group?

Absolutely! We walk at a relaxing pace and stop frequently so it is enjoyable for everyone! If we can’t hike all the way up to the castle there are many good viewpoints throughout the hike so we can stop and go back at any moment.


Can children join the tour?

Yes, of course. 

Are there any additional costs?

No, the cost includes a guide, a lunch and a coffee at the end of the tour. 

What happens in the event of rain?

As we will be near the Grazalema mountain system, the wettest part of Spain. Thus, if there is heavy rain on the day your tour is, you can choose a couple of options. Either continue with the tour and we will drive to most of the places, or you have the option of rescheduling to another day or time where there is availability. We will contact you in the event your tour will be changed if there is light rain the tour will be going on as usual.

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