Design your perfect Private tour in Cadiz province

You're a unique person so your tour should be unique too. Joining a group tour isn't for everyone and that is why we want to design your bespoke tour! You can choose to have a Private tour in Cadiz province and best of all it can be customised to get exactly what you want out of your tour.

Customize your private tour in Cadiz province in an intimate personal experience. Lets plan several full day tours specific for you and your group with activities during multiple days! We design private food tours like: walking food tours, Sherry wine tastings, visit to vineyards, bluefin tuna or Iberian ham tours. We can arrange from private boat ride, to a hike in the Mediterranean forest, or learn about local traditions like leather or goat cheese in the mountains of Cadiz.

Below you will find a selection of full day tour options in Cadiz and Huelva. We can design the tour and pick you up from Cadiz province or Seville. The price will depend on the activities that you select, the transportation, and the size of the group in your private custom tour.

On the other hand if you want us to design a bespoke tour for you, email us at We will design your tour around Cadiz based on your tastes and preferences. With this in mind, we can adapt it personally to your group.

Sherry or Wine tasting in Cadiz province - Half day tour

It includes 5 Sherry wines or Andalusian wines, a wine certified guide, glass rental, a personalized tasting mat, and optionally tapas paired with each drink. Contact us to learn more about it.
There are three types of tastings that you can choose from:
1) Sherry tasting in Vejer: ~8-25 years old; 2) Sherry tasting with VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry): ~11-50 year old; 3) Andalusian wine tasting

  • Price for group 2-7 people - 1)€248  2)€535  3)€212
  • Price per person for tapas - €16

Be an artisan for one day (Leather and cheese)- Full day tour

The leather tradition in Ubrique started more than 200 years ago, initially with tanning leather. The techniques needed to produce such goods at top quality have drawn in the big brand names.

We will head first to a goat cheese farm where we will make our own fresh cheese and taste it. From here head to a Preroman establishment with great views and in a local restaurant with gorgeous views. Finally learn about the process of leather in a Factory and make a souvenir for yourself in a leather museum. Click here to read more about it.

  • Price for 1-10 people - Price varies

Iberian ham tour - Full day tour

During the visit to the Mediterranean forest and the Iberian pig farm, you will enjoy learning about the local herbs, grasses and trees that make this forest unique, and what they were used for through our incredibly knowledgable local guide. We will see the Iberian pigs feeding and learn about the difference between acorn-fed Iberian ham and cebo Iberian ham. We will be able to see and enter the traditional "huts" that the farmers used to use, and learn about local culture and traditions. Our guide will explain the different D.O. of Iberian ham, the different labels and what these represent.

Next, we will head to the museum of traditions and will see how chorizos and other hams were cured traditionally. Finally to the main building to see how to cure hams and other meat products as well as learn how to differentiate the different qualities of Iberian ham. Savour an extensive tasting of different meat products, all paired with local wine. Click here to read more and contact us for pricing.

Bluefin tuna tour - Full day tour

This tour includes a private boat ride to see the traditional sustainable trap, Almadraba in Barbate. We can add a visit to the Roman port city of Baelo Claudia in Bolonia, where Romans caught bluefin tuna.

In the afternoon, we will go to a local food market, a real foodie experience were you will take in the smell and the colours of  local seasonal fresh food. We will eat in a local "peña" fish restaurant and eat a variety of Bluefin tuna cuts. In this type of restaurant it is not possible to book in advance but it is worth it! We will then head to Trafalgar cape before heading back to your hotel.

You can choose the Luxury Bluefin tuna option where you will experience visiting an active almadraba while fishermen are fishing. See the Bluefin tuna arrive to port and learn where each cut comes from with the "Ronqueo" (traditional cutting). Click here to learn more.

  • Price for 2 people with a visit to the Almadraba with a private boat ride - 658€
  • Price per additional person - 85€

Tabancos tour in Jerez de la Frontera - Half day tour

This tour includes 5 sherry wines, 5 tapas and a wine certified guide. Taste a variety of local tapas in 5 traditional tabancos, such as anchovies in vinegar, Iberian ham, patatas aliñadas, bull’s meat, pig cheek, salmorejo, menudo, chicharrón, red pepper filled with local cheese, etc. Some foods will depend on the season. Tapas are paired with a sherry wine, an Andalusian wine, or alternative beverages for children and non-wine drinkers. Click here to read more.

Come hungry, leave full and happy!

  • Price for two people - €194
  • Price per additional person - €27

Private gourmet walking food tour in Cadiz city - Half day tour

This tour includes 5 Sherry wines, 5 tapas and a wine certified guide. Taste a variety of local tapas in local bars, traditional tabancos or taverns, such as local cheese, fresh Bluefin tuna, la patatera, bull’s meat, or Iberian pork with sweet PX. Some foods will depend on the season. Tapas are paired with a Sherry wine, andalusian wine or alternative beverages for children and non-wine drinkers. If you decide to do the walking food tour in the morning we will visit the local food market. It is an incredible foodie experience to get to know the local fresh food of the season. Click here to read more.

Come hungry, leave full and happy!

  • Price for two people - €229
  • Price per additional person - €40

Ultimate Sherry wine cellar tasting - Full day tour

Our Sherry wine Bodegas Tour is a private full day tour experience from Cadiz or Seville. You can customize it to your liking. We can arrange private tours of three Sherry wine bodegas (wineries) around the "Marco de Jerez" or we can visit two bodegas and offer a walking tour in Jerez de la Frontera. Enjoy several sherry wines from each region, and taste VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) over 30 years old in two of the three cellars. You will even try sherry wine straight from the barrel! Click here to read more.

  • Starting price for two people - €575
  • Each additional person - €160

White town, olive oil and winery tour in Cadiz province- Full or Half day tour

Enjoy a walking tour in either, Vejer de la Frontera or Zahara de la Sierra depending on where we start the tour. Both are within the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain and you will be guided to its viewpoints and learn about the local history and culture. After you will head to an organic olive oil mill where you will learn about the olive varieties, about the local grape varieties and the whole process with a tasting at the end. Click here to read more.

  • Price for two people - €470
  • Price per additional person - €100

Private tour of white towns Cadiz province - Full day tour

In this tour we can visit 3 white towns or mix it with other activities. We can adapt the towns and activities to your likings.

Head to the hilltop White town of Arcos de la frontera to wander the picturesque, narrow streets and enjoy its viewpoints. Grazalema is officially recognized as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Enjoy the beautiful flowered balconies and eat lunch at a local restaurant. Go to the top of another white town recognized as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Zahara de la Sierra and hike to the castle, which offers one of the best views in Cadiz. Enjoy a coffee with wonderful views of the turquoise water lake, and Zahara de la Sierra. Click here to read more.

  • Price for two people - €445
  • Price per additional person - €75

Walking tour in Vejer de la Frontera - Half day tour

Walking tour in Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz. Come and EXPLORE Vejer de la Frontera, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and one of the white towns of Cadiz, through this wonderful private walking tour. The “De la Frontera” villages are some of the most stunning and best preserved villages in Spain. This walking tour through Vejer de la Frontera lasts around 1h30m. Get to know the local history of Vejer since 1000BC, passing through Phoenician, Carthagenian, Moorish, and Christians times.

We will be walking through its narrow, winding streets and whitewashed facades, and enjoying its unbelievable views. Throughout the tour we will also stop to discuss the local culture and traditions. We will try to understand how the different Civilization have shaped Vejer's culture, and gastronomy. Click here to read more.

  • Price for 1-10 people - €80

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