Which food festivals you should not miss in Cadiz province in 2020?

There are lots of gastronomical routes in Cadiz province. In this blog we will help you choose the best food festivals in Cadiz province for each food category. Cadiz is famous for its Sherry, its international prized cheese and Bluefin tuna. However, we also celebrate the wild mushroom festival during its season, the fresh vegetables and Iberian ham.

We have chosen our favourite festivals in each food category based on: amount of bars involved, public involvement, activities going on during the festival, how crowded it is, price for quality, and of course amount of work and creativity in the design of the tapa.

I hope these recommendations will help you to design your trip to Andalusia and Cadiz. This is just our opinion, but all of them are worth going to if you are visiting for just a few days.

Bluefin tunaTapa BLUEFIN TUNA Zahara de los atunes Cadiz Explore la Tierra

There is a Bluefin tuna food festival going on at each town that has an Almadraba in Cadiz province, if you want to learn more about the fishing method and the festivals click here. All of the Bluefin tuna festivals are worth it but our favourite is  Zahara de los Atunes Bluefin tuna festival.

The amount of bars competing and the quality and design of each tapa is outstanding. The streets are not as packed as in Conil de la Frontera although the bars become quite full. The price in 2019 was worth it, 4€ per tapa with a drink. Get a stamp from the bars and vote for your favourite after eating at least 5 tapas.

Retinto beef

Tapa Retinto food festival Zahara de los atunes Explore la Tierra

There is a Retinto food festival going on in different towns throughout the year in La Janda. This region of Cadiz produces lots of Retinto cows. If you want to learn more about Retinto breed and sustainable beef, click here.

There are two main Retinto festivals, which are in Conil de la Frontera and Zahara de los Atunes. And again, we have chosen Zahara de los Atunes as our favourite.  In Conil de la Frontera there were lots of tapas to try but most of the tapas were more expensive and without drinks. In Zahara de los Atunes however, the quality of each tapa was amazing, again with a drink for 4€. At the same time there was a Jazz festival going on so you could enjoy some music while tasting lots of well designed tapas.


Huerta translates to “vegetable garden”. Conil de la Frontera has lots of farms that produces fresh produce for the rest of the province. Usually in April, they have a tapas festival with local vegetables. Many bars in the town compete creating very tasty and beautiful tapas. As April is not yet very busy, you can enjoy the town before it becomes crowded in summer.

Mycology (Wild mushrooms)

Boletus in Philo paestry Benalup-Casas Viejas food festivalThere are several places that focus on this part of the gastronomy. They usually design activities to go to a natural park and learn about wild mushroom identification and then be able to taste them. However, Benalup-Casas Viejas goes even further with the wild mushroom food festival. Benalup-Casas Viejas is found just outside of the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales. Here you can find a paradise for all kind of wild mushrooms.

Mousse wild mushroom and wild mushroom prophiterol Benalup Casas Viejas food festival



In this festival they do trips to learn about Mushroom identification, learn how to cook wild mushrooms, expositions showing toxic, venomous and edible wild mushrooms. They also had an exposition of local tradition and cultures in the villages, and how they lived in the Natural Park. The amount of tapas, the design and the prices is impressive. For just 2€ you have a tapa with a great design and amazing taste. You can vote which is your favourite after tasting at least 8 tapas from different parts of the village.


You will always enjoy visiting Sherry bodegas throughout the year. However the best moment to come would be during the festivals and celebrations going on in September, when we celebrate the grape harvest, and November, the international Sherry week. There are special events for sherry tastings, creative cocktails and exhibitions to see.


If you would like more information on the best food festivals in Cadiz province let us know. We can provide a guide which will help you enjoy the festival to its fullest and help immerse yourself in the local culture. If you are looking for food and Sherry tours keep reading.

Sherry tours

Are you visiting Cadiz and you would you like to learn more about Sherry and immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions? If you want to learn and experience it with the company of a local guide and turn your visit to Cadiz into an exciting gastronomic adventure, book with us. Sherry love is very contagious, surely you will also become one!

If you have your own transport we can accompany you while learning about Sherry. Enjoy the best Sherry bodega tours, local culture and traditions and the local gastronomy. In case you do not have a transport we can arrange transport, restaurant and the rest of your trip for you.

If you would like to learn all about Jerez-Sherry-Xeres D.O. then join us for our Ultimate Sherry Tasting tour. We can design a private tour just for you and your family.

If you are staying in Vejer de la Frontera or within Cadiz province we can organize a private Sherry tasting with gourmet local tapas for your group. We will go to your place and do a Sherry or Andalusian wine tasting for you privately. We can focus on premium Sherries; VORS and premium Sherries; or Andalusian wines in case you do not like Sherry.

If you are thinking to travel to other parts of Cadiz, we are based in Vejer de la Frontera. Officially, Vejer is one of the most beautiful villages of Spain, you should come and meet us!

Food and cultural tours

If you want to learn more about Vejer de la Frontera, its traditions and gastronomy book our Sherry&Tapas tour! Learn about sherry, wine tastings, and how to pair it with gourmet traditional food from the area. Taste different types of Sherry and local food like bluefin tuna, bull meat, salmorejo, eggplant with honey and pinenuts, etc. The tour includes 5 tapas and 5 wine/Sherries .

We also have a tour that focuses on Bluefin tuna. You will learn the history of Bluefin tuna in the area since Phoenician times by going in a private boat ride to visit the almadraba; visit a local food market; and taste different parts of bluefin tuna in all ways, salt-dried, grilled, raw.

If you would like to visit other beautiful white villages like Vejer, we can do a tour of the white villages in Cadiz province. On the other hand we can mix a visit to a beautiful white village wit a visit to an olive oil mill. Or you can choose to do a private tour that we can design especially for you and recommend places to visit based on your interests. Come and join Explore la Tierra in Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain!

Our last addition is our become an artisan for one day tour. Make your own cheese and your own leather souvenir in Ubrique and enjoy its great history and panoramic views. This white village is famous worldwide for its importance for the leather international companies.

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