Cape Trafalgar in Canos de Meca

Canos de Meca has been important throughout history. There is a burial ground from the bronze age. Recently you may have heard that they have found new Roman ruins in Cape Trafalgar and in the beach nearby Canos de Meca. There are also the ruins of an “almenara tower” used to defend the Spanish coast in medieval times. In this blog post I will be talking about these Roman ruins in Canos de Meca, Barbate.

Cape Trafalgar history

Cape Trafalgar was an island that joined with the mainland 6000 years ago. It is within the natural park of La Breña within Caños de Meca in Barbate. This natural park has 5 ecosystems and one of them are the sand dunes, which is why the ruins are so well conserved.

Hiking trail tour in Cadiz province La Breña Natural Park Palomar View point Torre de Meca Cape Trafalgar

Nature trail tour Cape Trafalgar Cadiz Viewpoint from Pineforest Canos de Meca

Bronze age burial site in Cape Trafalgar

They found a burial site near Cape Trafalgar which is around 4.000 years ago. This burial site was in a cave in the rocks, completely intact. They found the bodies of 6 women and a child within a cave with some jewellery.

Roman Ruins in cape Trafalgar

The archeologists found what they think to be the largest Roman villa in Southern Spain near Cape Trafalgar. Archaeologists from the University of Cadiz found that people lived here from the 1st century B.C. until the 5th century A.C.

There is a Roman road that crosses near Canos de Meca. They have recently uncovered a salted fish factory linked to this Roman villa. Most probably they used coastal fish instead of open water fish like tuna. In Baelo Claudia, as it is in a sandy coastal beach instead of rocky beach, Romans used mostly open water fish like bluefin tuna, albacore tuna and more. In these salted fish factories Romans made Garum sauce and exported it to the Roman empire.

This salted fish factory is near the lighthouse in Cape Trafalgar. As you can see there are many large basins, where the garum was made with a few adjacent rooms. They have found 13 basins

Roman salt fish factory Cape Trafalgar Cadiz Canos de Meca at the end La Brena natural park

They also found Roman ruins near Canos de Meca, most probably a very large Roman village.

Intact wall of the Roman village in Cape Trafalgar Cadiz

This village even had a Roman bath, first ruin they found in 2021. They buried it back up to prevent any vandalization to these ruins during the tourist season.

Roman baths in Canos de Meca Barbate

They discovered many valuable objects that they will be taken to a museum. Archaeologists think that the size of this villa could be around 500 square metres.

Cape Trafalgar in medieval times

There is an old tower adjacent to the lighthouse. The moors started building many of the towers that we see throughout the coastline for defensive purposes. They started building them after the attacks on different civilizations like the attack of the vikings from Normandy to Cadiz city. However in the 16th century the kings Carlos the Emperor and Philip II restored them and built more for defensive purposes. During the day they used smoke signals and during the night fire arrows to alert the population inland. Nobles like the dukes of Medina Sidonia here in Cadiz also built some of the towers we see.

The dukes of Medina Sidonia built them to have a higher viewpoint to be able to see when the bluefin tuna was migrating to the Mediterranean to spawn. If you are interested in this, please click here to read my blog on the importance of bluefin tuna in Cadiz.

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