List with the best fino sherry wines for all budgets

This is the list with the best fino sherry wine in my opinion, as well as some of my other favourite fino sherries. Of course the list includes sherry wines that people can buy and that are not only for wine collectors.

I have separated the best finos by cost, to cover all budgets. A good old fino wine is an incredible sherry. In fact, François Chartier said that fino sherry is the most versatile wine and the king of pairing with its over 300 aldehydes. It has a slightly bitter taste, full-bodied and with strong bakery aromas…. One of the best wines to pair with food in the world!

If you are interested in reading this book click the following link.

If you would like more information about what fino is and how is sherry produced, please click here. On the other hand, you can watch the following video to learn how each sherry wine is made.

As I do sherry wine tours in the province of Cadiz, some guests have asked me which sherry I recommend. In this blog I talk about my recommendations and the fino sherries that I use on my tours.

If you are interested in all this, you may want to know about the new changes in the Sherry rules. Please click here to read about the new regulations that the DO Sherry has done in 2022.

Hopefully this blog helps you decide which fino  sherry to buy. I use many of the following wines on my routes, as I consider them my favourites. I never receive benefit from any sherry winery, not even through my tours.

However, if you live in Spain, click this link to find all the options in the Spanish version.

Other types of sherries, from dry to sweet

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Best fino sherry wine 

In this section I dedicate it to what I believe is the best fino wine, with the best blend of tradition and quality.

Fino Tres Palmas (González Byass)

Temperance, wisdom and style in this Tío Pepe with 10 years age on average. Fine very old, with a biological ageing to the limit. After a decade of ageing, only a few casks maintain traces of yeast, which continued to magically interact with the wine. A single cask was selected among the 150 that make up this historic solera to obtain this wine, the cask number 18. It can be called fino-amontillado as the layer of yeast is starting to let oxygen in, affecting the bouquet.

The Fino Tres Palmas from 2020 in collaboration with Ferran Centelles, exsommelier of El Bulli. He selected the barrel to bottle the fino tres Palmas. The wine list “Peñin” scored the fino tres palmas with 96 points.

Fino Tradición (Bodegas Tradición)

Fino Tradicion sherry wine is 12 years old. An incredible sherry able to survive and age that long with a layer of yeast covering the whole surface. Peñin wine guide gave Fino Tradicion 96 points.

Fino en Rama de Añada (Williams and Humbert)

Every year the cellar Williams and Humbert bottle a certain amount of bottles from each year that do not go through the Criadera and solera system. This sherry ages in one single cask until it is ready and the layer of yeast is able to survive without needing new wine. Sometimes they bottle it with 3 years and sometimes more, depending on the evolution of the sherry.

This type of sherry is not that common and when the year’s yield is good the sherry is also incredible, similarly to Champagne. The Fino en Rama de Añada tends to have over 93 points in the Peñin guide.

 Best value fino sherry wine

In this section I will include the fino wines that I love and that have a great value.

Argueso Fino 1822

It has an average of 8 years and the grapes gre on a soil rich in Calcium in “subzona jerez superior” which the palomino grape loves. Argueso Fino 1822 has 94 points in the wine guide of Peñín.


Fino Fernando de Castilla

This Fino sherry from Jerez de la Frontera is a 5 year old fino sherry. Fernando de Castilla cellar is a sherry bodega downtown with a long history in brandies and vinegars, however, they are making great sherries. Fino Fernando de Castilla has 91 points in Peñin guide.

Fino Inocente sherry from Valdespino cellar (Grupo Estévez)

This wine has an average of more than 8 years and the “flor” has survived all that time. Even though it is a fino, they have passed the wine through 10 “criaderas” instead of the usual 4-5. This helps the flor to feed more as it has been receiving more nutrients from the younger wines. To learn more how sherry is produced and the specific vocabulary, click here.

Other than that, this fino is unique in the sherry region as it is a wine of terroir. All the grapes picked from a single vineyard, “macharnudo”, considered to have one of the best soils for palomino in the area because of location and Calcium content. It is also one of the only wines that has kept with tradition and the fermentation happens in an oak barrel and not in a stainless steel tank.

Fino Inocente sherry received  94+ points by Parker, and 95 by Peñin.

Fino from Gutierrez Colosia

Finally the last fino sherry I am going to talk about is the wonderful fino from Gutierrez Colosia. A young fino of only 3 years old from Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

This fino has strong salinity notes, as it is so close to the port and it receives a strong Atlantic sea breeze. Peñin guide gave the fino from Gutierrez Colosia 93 points.


Sherry wine tours in Cadiz province

Thank you so much for reading this blog of the best fino sherry wines. If you are looking for Sherry wine experiences to taste and understand the types of sherry wine even better, contact us. We do cultural and culinary experiences throughout Cadiz province. I will now take advantage to show off to you the great food tours in Cadiz province that we do. Officially, Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most beautiful villages of Spain, you should come and meet us!

Sherry wine tours

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Sherry wine love is very contagious, surely you will also become a sherry lover!

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