Hiking and walking in Spain
Ordesa national park hiking holiday in Spain Faja de Pelay hike

Best hiking and walking areas in Spain In this blog I will talk about the best regions for hiking and walking areas in Spain. Some areas are off the beaten path and other areas are more known but have incredible landscapes and gorgeous hikes. You can design a walking trip or hiking holiday around these […]

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Day trips from the US Navy base in Rota
Vejer de la Frontera white town tour in Cadiz Spain daytrips from Rota

Best day trips you can do from Rota to other parts of Cadiz in Spain If you are a US Navy soldier or family member stationed at the US Navy Rota base and you want to explore Cadiz in Spain, there are many incredible places for you to visit nearby. In this blog I will […]

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Which is the best palo cortado sherry wine?
palo cortado tapas tour in Cadiz

List with the best palo cortado sherry wines for all budgets This is the list with, in my opinion, the best palo cortado wines, as well as some of my other favourite palo cortado sherry wines. Of course the list includes sherry wines that people can generally buy and is not only for wine collectors. […]

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Trips from Malaga province to Cadiz province
Zahara de la Sierra Explore la Tierra Cadiz Tours

Best trips from Malaga to Cadiz province If you are in Estepona, Marbella or arriving in Malaga airport there are many incredible places that you can visit in Cadiz. In this blog I will be talking about best trips from Malaga province to Cadiz province. Cadiz has over a third of its surface protected, the […]

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10 personal care natural products made with Mediterranean plants
Buy personal care natural products made with natural plants

Quick guide to Beauty and personal care natural products If you have come to this blog to check on or buy natural cosmetics and supplements made with Mediterranean plants, it is because you have done one of my hiking routes in Cadiz and I have told you about this blog, or because you have found […]

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Cork oak forest in Spain: Uses and extraction of cork
managed cork oak forest dehesa in los alcornocales natural park Cadiz

What is cork and what is cork used for? Cork is the cork oak (Quercus suber) tree bark. In western Mediterranean, Portugal and Spain is where we find this cork oak tree. During their growth, these trees thicken their trunk, accumulating dead and hollow cells outside the wood: the cork itself. This layer insulates and […]

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What activities to do in Conil de la Frontera
Explore la Tierra hikes in Conil de la frontera vista playa Cadiz

Best activities in Conil de la Frontera that you must try Are you in Conil de la Frontera, or are you researching what to do in Conil from home? This blog will give you ideas of what to do in this white town of Cadiz. In this blog we will be describe what activities you […]

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